AMA Recap Crypto Eagles with Move Network

Here is AMA conversation between Kamran Akbar (Host) and Daniel Bokun(Guest).

Kamran Akbar ✪:

Hello brother @danielbokun
Welcome to CRYPTO EAGLES. How are you doing man?

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Great ! Loving life and looking forward to an awesome AMA

Kamran Akbar ✪:

Shall we start our AMA?

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Absolutely ! 🚀

Kamran Akbar ✪:

Let’s rock nd roll

Daniel Bokun(Guest):


Kamran Akbar ✪:

First of all, please introduce yourself with us. How and when you have started? How did you get involved in the crypto? What’s your role in Move Network?

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Likewise ! And Pleasure to meet everyone 👏🏼,

Daniel Bokun, President & Co-Founder of MOVE, started this year and am ready to hit the ground running. I was first introduced to the world of crypto through Anthony Di Iorio, Founder of Etherium — he lives in my city and I’ve known him for a while. From there I also met the current management of MOVE, and I must say we have a great management team to help execute our vision. 🔝

Kamran Akbar ✪:

Good to know about you Daniel ☺️

Let’s move towards the main facet now

Daniel Bokun(Guest):


Kamran Akbar ✪:

2:Please tell us about your project “Move Network”. NFTs are trending in the world and everyone is trying his luck in NFTs. How Move Network will manage to be on top of the list?

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Great question! So excited on our vision of MOVE Network. 🥳

MOVE Network is the project addressing the distance between a user and digital assets is the, which is an ecosystem composed of three parts, MOVE Market, MOVE Token (MOVD) and MOVEChain. Each of these three parts works in tandem providing users a seamless one stop shop solution for creating, designing, minting, and launching NFT’s.

Within the ecosystem on MOVE Network, users can make a full spectrum of highly sought-after NFT assets accessible to everyone. MOVE gives power back to content creators and developers while providing greater levels of transparency and verification throughout the process of creation, deployment, and trading. I believe this is how we will manage to be top of list.

Kamran Akbar ✪:

Waooo, a complete ecosystem with its own move market, chain and a fuel token $MOVD

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Only the way to MOVE

Kamran Akbar ✪:

Here is our question no. 3 for you

3:Move Network has its own Chain “MoveChain” how it will work on Move Market. Move market is also big with alot of features so, I would love to know about Move Market then Movechain.

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Of course!

MOVE Market is the place to be. MOVE Market is our first application to support NFT development on the MOVE Network. The MOVE Market is the platform as a method of transferring ownership of highly collectible physical and digital masterpieces. Also, by leveraging the blockchain we can pay a royalty to the artists and provide additional security around authentication and storage. It can support ERC-20 and MOVD — our token, allowing users to access NFT tickets and multimedia NFT trading platforms. MOVE Market also offers NFT collectors an ecosystem to securely maintain unique crypto NFTs and digital assets in one place. To be concluded, this is a one-stop-shop solution for end-user’-token-assets to be an attractive medium for virtual trading.

1. MOVE Chain is a Ethereum compatible block-chain for NFTs issued and traded on the MOVE Network with the following distinct features:
2. Lower transaction cost than other public block-chains
3.Lower transaction latency through the use of layer 2 Dex protocol
4. Supports all ETH/BSC features, is public, and can be trade on other platforms
5.Supports decentralized storage

Kamran Akbar ✪:

NFTs are still on Erc-20 chain because people consider it more reliable and long lasting

That’s a good selection by team

I appreciate it

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Anytime !

Kamran Akbar ✪:

Here is our question no 4

4: NFTs are non fungible tokens then how you will manage NFTs fragmentation. Who will be the real owner? Also tell us about NFTs discovery and trading in Move Market?

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Decentralization is key to ownership! 🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑

We want to put power back into those who create the NFTs. 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

MOVE market is acting as a marketplace for NTF trading:

Auction Marketplace. Users may auction owned NFT tokenized digital assets (including but not limited to music, films, digital art, metaverses and memorial collections) on the market with $MOVD as the only medium of exchange. Auction directly with other stored cryptocurrencies (USDT, BTC, ETH and TRX) is not supported.
Issuance of NFTs. Content creators will be invited through our strategic partners to tokenize and offer their digital entertainment on the MOVE market for auction.
Storage of owned NFTs. Users can store NFTs they purchased in the wallet.
Withdrawal of NFTs. Owned NFTs may be withdrawn from MOVE market to ETH and BSC public wallets on other marketplaces/platforms. No fee will be charged by MOVE Network on withdrawal. Network fee may be charged by the respective marketplace/platform, however.

Kamran Akbar ✪:

Roger that 😉
Now my mind is clear

Here is the 2nd last question from 1st segment of AMA

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Ready !

Kamran Akbar ✪:

5: About 80 percent of Art, music and content creators are not yet in crypto World. Which strategy you will use to bring non crypto people to crypto world? How you will aware them that everything is going to be digital soon?

Daniel Bokun(Guest):

Such great potential to grow in this space, knowing that there are still more opportunities to eliminate the distance between digital and physical. Our global executive team and advisors have deep roots in Music, Gaming, Art and Film, which allows MOVE ownership of diversified IP’s and access to unique NFT offerings.

IP acquisition will be the strategy for MOVE Network to bring in non-crypto people to the crypto world. We can leverage the IP fans base and create a NFT hype within the community. The network of the IP definitely is the backbone to boost up the NFT issuance awareness. The celebrities’ social media accelerates the viral power.

Sid Ganis, MOVE Network’s advisor, the Hollywood’s mogul film producer and long-time member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, for which he served four consecutive years long terms as president (2004–2009). He has had a long and illustrious career serving as a film executive at major studios including Sony Pictures, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros. and Paramount.

MOVE Network also starts a partnership with the Hollywood Production Company The H Collective. Brightburn, the anti-super hero Movie is going to be the first NFT product on MOVE Market. Footages and the MOVIE Theme song — — Bad Guy by Billie Eilish will be tokenized as NFT. 🎥

Kamran Akbar ✪:
Awesome stuff!
$MOVD is already doing great work in that field also

Here is the last question from my side

6: What are your aims in next 2 years? Where $MOVD will be after 2 or 5 years with this tokenomics?

Daniel Bokun(Guest):


We have high expectations, sober goals, and a team to execute. All can be found online!

In Q2 2022, we plan to complete the MOVE Public Chain(MOVEChain) with the functions, including low gas fee NFT creation, cross-chain NFT, IPFS storage, and telecom company nodes.

In Q4 2022, we plan to complete the decentralized trading platform with the functions, including NFTs trading on Open Market, liquidity pool protocols, and smart contracts running on diverse blockchains.

Kamran Akbar ✪:

That’s all from my side @danielbokun and now its time for community questions

I will open group for 30 seconds only and everyone can ask his questions

Here some Questions from crypto Eagle community

Daniel Bokun(Guest) received more than 1500+ Questions from the community .But He choose 5 random question here is below

1.Do you have any strategic partners as well as investors on your project?

Absolutely . We are working closely with industry leaders in the entertainment space, specifically the film industry.

You can find our advisors on our website, one of which was on the board of marvel for 10 years.

2. Can you share some Details about Recent Major Achievements done by your project? Also, what are the Future Roadmap & Targets of your project?

MOVE Netwok has recently raised 1.5M usd , check out this article ! Gives you more details

Also check out our white paper online for product roadmap!

3. For the future, do you have any plans to create own dex for staking, exchange and farm?

Yes we do ! We want to make MOVE Network a robust ecosystem.

4. Most of the questions you receive during an AMA series hosted by your team are centered around your products and services. I would like to ask you what you expect from community members and How can we help with your project??

Great question — I’m all about community ! If you have ideas on how you can help feel free to dm me! Otherwise sharing our project so more people see is the best. We want to reward our community and are always open to ideas

5.Many projects rug pulled and exit scam recently. Why should investors trust your project not to do the same?

Great question.

Most of these projects were built on hype and trends rather than actual projects with concrete goals. We are not a meme, we are a company whose vision is to transform the entertainment industry, specifically the film industry. We provide timelines and updates at a scheduled cadence, backed with a transparent goal structure that helps our management and team to be accountable to those who have invested their time and money, and most importantly our community!

Done !!

Move Network Telegram :

Move Network Twitter :




An end-to-end NFT aggregator designed to suit blockchain ecosystems.

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MOVE Network

MOVE Network

An end-to-end NFT aggregator designed to suit blockchain ecosystems.

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