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3 min readFeb 8, 2022

MOVE Network is proud to announce the founding of MOVE Foundation.

MOVE Foundation is the social impact arm of MOVE Network. MOVE Foundation helps enterprises, NGOs, and brands bridge the physical and digital world through the development of an engaging and sustainable community-driven metaverse.

MOVE Foundation leverages emerging blockchain technologies and the power of knowledge and resource sharing (among social entities, NGOs, and education partners) to make moves that inspire the community into action.

One of MOVE Foundation’s first initiatives is with EDvengers, a social entity that aims to change the fate of the minority and disadvantaged groups through knowledge application. MOVE Foundation and EDvengers join forces to create the first Social-Fi Metaverse (EDvengers-Meta) that offers gamified social impact experiences for all.

EDvengers-Meta is a social-impact focused metaverse in which everyone is encouraged to be a Social Hero, Professional Hero, and/or Capital Hero. What’s more, the play-to-earn social token ecosystem rewards participants with social tokens for interacting with one another and for engaging in various social impact initiatives.

“By creating this digital utopia for social change, the ambition of MOVE Foundation is to benefit 50,000 individuals in the first year, including children living under the poverty line, at-risk youths and more. We will realize this goal of 50,000 beneficiaries with the roll-out of EDvengers-Meta. We believe that the EDvengers-Meta community will be a knowledge-rich tribe committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others and to our greater communities.” Said by Edwin Lun, Founding Partner of MOVE Foundation.

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ABOUT EDvengers

EDvengers aims to change the fate of the minority and disadvantaged groups through knowledge application. EDvengers was founded by two experienced educators, Dr. Jason Chan, MH, JP and Dr. Ben Auyeung (Ben Sir) with the purpose to operate as a social enterprise that mobilizes social capital through social innovation and market mechanisms, maximizes the use of business strategies, and achieves sustainable development to help and serve disadvantaged groups and motivated youth.

Using the concept of “Social Heroes’’ instead of “Volunteers”, it is hoped that each participant of the program will gain a new perspective of their identity in the greater community. EDvengers invites participants to play different roles according to their own expertise, and learn from different experiences (communication, planning, teaching, etc.,) rather than following traditional teaching models. By embracing the “Zero-to-Hero” mindset, Edvenger users can utilize their skill sets and transform themselves into “heroes,” across different disciplines. While the moral standard of asking for nothing in return is noble, it is not for everyone, and not sustainable in the long run. Heroes of EDvengers can accumulate Social Points by offering social services. For more information, please visit:

ABOUT MOVE Foundation

MOVE Foundation is the social impact arm of MOVE Network. MOVE Foundation makes moves that inspire the community into action through sharing knowledge and resources via blockchain technology.

MOVE Foundation is a community-driven Social-Fi ecosystem that advances social impact through emerging technologies and captures and converts intrinsic social values into measurable social impact.

MOVE Foundation collaborates with strategic partners, social enterprises, NGOs, and educational institutions across the globe. With a mission to work towards our collective Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations, MOVE empowers people through technology and envisions a Digital Utopia for Social Change. Please visit:


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