MOVE Network Mascot Design Campaign

MOVE Network is now launching a campaign to provide an opportunity to all creative design enthusiasts to help us create our MOVE Network Mascot and win amazing rewards.

MOVE Network sets out to be the world’s largest NFT aggregator covering a wide spectrum of NFT products. With deep Hollywood roots and actionable partnerships, MOVE Network has ownership of diversified entertainment-based IP that can capture illustrious moments in film and convert it into scalable NFT assets.

MOVE Network is as much a tech/dev driven project as a community driven project. We believe MOVE Network’s success is closely linked to the vibrancy and engagement of our community and as much as possible, we want to involve our community in the development of the project.

We have prepared a total pool of $2,250 USD worth of MOVD tokens to be won for our community participation!


We don’t want to put boundaries on your creative imagination, however, if you need a reference point we suggest :

  • Stars / Planets: Moon, Mars, Mercury
  • Animals: Bunny, Sloth, Camel, Ox, Dog
  • Characters: Astronaut, Actors, Actress.

Please be noted the designer shall only submit one Mascot for each application.

Reward Pool

This is our biggest campaign reward so far! Total reward pool: $2,250 worth of MOVD Tokens! Here are 4 ways to win!

  1. Refer a Designer: Total Pool Size of $250 MOVD

If you are not a designer, you can still win by merely referring good designer(s). We want as many mascot designs as possible so we can pick the best of the best. If the referrer makes a referral and the designer is shortlisted as one of the 5 finalists, the referrer gets a $50 MOVD tokens reward. You must complete this referral form in order to be eligible for this Referral. Reward:

2. Top 5 Designer Finalists: Total Pool Size of $500 MOVD

The final shortlist of 5 designers who successfully deliver the MOVE network mascot design will receive a $100 MOVD tokens reward. This is to ensure the designer finalists are fairly compensated for their work and effort.

3. Champion of the Design: Total Pool Size of $1,000 MOVD

The Winner of the MOVE Network Design Campaign will be selected by the highest number of votes from the twitter poll and shall receive $1000 MOVD Tokens reward.

4. Reward for Voters: Total Pool Size of $500 MOVD

Here are the steps to vote:

  1. Follow the MOVE Network Official Twitter account ( and Official Telegram Group (
  2. Submit your vote through twitter poll. (Link to be provided after the finalists announcement)
  3. Like, retweet and comment your favourite mascot design and hashtag #movenetwork #NFT #movechain #crypto #mascot
  4. Tag 3 friends

10 voters will be randomly picked to win a $50 MOVD tokens reward based on the Mascot Post retweet.

Activity Schedule

1) June 29th (2pm UTC) — July 9th (2pm UTC):

Designers and Referrers must fill in this form to participate:

(All copyrightable work by the participants shall be the property of MOVE Network.)

MOVE Network will announce the 5 finalist designers on 9th of July (3pm UTC).

2) July 10th (12am UTC): Community vote.

After the deadline for submission, the MOVE Network team will post the 5 selected mascot designs on MOVE Network Official Twitter for community voting.

3) July 13th (2pm UTC): MOVE Network will announce the list of winners on Twitter and on Telegram.

4) August: MOVE Network will release all rewards.

For more questions, please ask in the MOVE Network community ( or tag admin (@movenetworkadmin).


The MOVE Network website, official twitter account and telegram group is intended to provide general guidance and background information only. Details published on them do not constitute legal advice. MOVE Network cannot accept any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage incurred as a result of relying on information contained on this website.

We reserve the right to make the final decision in case of dispute.