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3 min readApr 28, 2022


MOVE Network teams up with SparkMeta Verse to launch the NFT 3.0 Digital Sport Watch Collection on its upcoming MOVE Runner APP.

Hong Kong — April 28th 2022

MOVE Network announces a strategic partnership with Spark MetaVerse Inc to launch the NFT 3.0 Digital Sport Watch Collection for MOVE Runner.

The Spark MetaVerse platform is an award-winning patented technology platform by Spark Compass that has the capability to understand user behaviour in the physical world. It connects the physical and digital into the “Phygital” realm. Previous Spark Compass platforms include:

  • An award-winning project with the US Department of Health & Human Services
  • A rewards platform for the University of Mississippi
  • A rewards platform for brands such as Coca-Cola, and Puma
  • A social platform with Selena Gomez

The NFT 3.0 Digital Sport Watch Collection for MOVE Runner will be launched on Binance Smart Chain.

“We strategically partnered with Spark MetaVerse because of Spark MetaVerse’s proven track record and also Spark MetaVerse’s full ability to take MOVE2EARN to the next level. We only partner with the best. And that’s Spark MetaVerse.” — Edwin Lun, Group CEO and Co-Founder of MOVE Network.

Co-founder of Spark Meta Verse and inventor of the patented Spark Compass Platform, Erik Bjontegard a former Qualcomm R&D Executive and rocket scientist working with NASA on the Space Shuttle said:

“With the partnership with MOVE Network, we are now able to extend the creation of the integrated Spark Metaverse platform beyond only in-metaverse experiences by encouraging and rewarding fans to move in the physical world, rewarding them in the metaverse.” He continues “We see this as a natural extension of the loyalty and reward solutions in the physical world, now integrating and rewarding in the metaverse with integrated blockchains. We have done this for many years, we now have the opportunity to bring this globally with the MOVE Network. Exciting times!”

ABOUT Spark MetaVerse Inc
Spark MetaVerse Inc was created to build interactive metaverse and digital twins of physical locations connected with the Spark Compass Platform for Platforms. Co-founded by Erik Bjontegard, the inventor of the Spark Compass platform, the Wyoming Corporation was formed to focus on the Development and operation of Phygital — Physical and Digital — environments for Spark Compass platform users and other partners. The corporation has investment bankers and international strategy executives as the founders and strong relationships and backgrounds in the formation of NFTs, NFT games, Metaverse and Interactive gameplay across all.

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